For those of you who came here hoping to see an Internet Marketer in the buff, i'm so misunderstand.. (perverts!)

The name actually originates from Jamie Oliver, a well known London Chef who had his own TV series "The Naked Chef" and he would week in, week out get to the grass roots and bear bones of cooking, simplicity and the freshests of ingredients!

I guess that is what i am trying to achieve here, but aimed at new internet marketers and not budding chefs!

I cannot promise how long this blog will last, but i am going to try a little experiment. I have set myself a 3 month target. I have quite a few ideas of how to make money online, but i want to use things that follow the "Naked" priniciples.

Something that will cost no money, can earn me some money at least, something that everyone can do and gets to the "grass roots", "bear bones" and provides simplicity and the freshest of ingredients to allow people to get into Internet Marketing.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Sunday, 12 July 2009